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Use any one of the following service to log in to VallalarSpace.



What If I don't have an account with any of these services?

Just pick one and sign up with them first before continue here.

Why VallalarSpace does not offer its own way of login method?

VallalarSpace does not want to manage user identity but needs to authenticate users in a very secure way. There is nothing more secure than the above services offer today. So VallalarSpace uses OpenID service providers like Google, Microsoft in order to eliminate the need for our own methods.

Moreover, most web users struggle to remember the multiple username and password combinations required to sign in to each of their favorite websites, and the password recovery process can be tedious. So we simplified this for your own good.

Will VallalarSpace access my personal info if use any the services(Google/Microsoft/Yahoo)?

Abosolutly No. VallalarSpace login process is very simple and very secure. So clicking any of the button above redirects you to corresponding provider's webpage only for login as like you do for your email access. Once your login is verifed by that provider then, we just get a green signal in return with your first name and last name information thats all. Apart from that, we have no way to gain access your information such as emails, contacts etc.,

Ok, I logged in to VallalarSpace with one of the services above and now, how do I logout safely ?

Just use logout link available on our website (top right coner) for log out from VallalarSpace. More importantly, for public computers/internet centers you must close all your browsers before you leave the spot. This is not just for VallalarSpace but it is a general security guideline.