Is Vallalar Picture Real? Can we perform VALLALAR’s Idol worship?
Arutperunjoth Arutperunjothi
Thaniperunkarunai Arutperunjothi

( Limitless Grace-Light Limitless Grace-light
Limitless Unique Grace Limitless Grace-Light
Sanctum Sanctorum)

Dear Friends, Best Greetings!

When VALLALAR was seen with His physical form, one of His ardent devotees made a statue of VALLALAR out of clay, and presented to VALLALAR. But, VALLALAR threw it to become many small pieces, by saying, “You made my immortal Golden Body as an earthly Mud-Body.”

This incident clearly indicates that VALLALAR never accepts His Idol worship in any form. However, we have been witnessing VALLALAR’s idol worship all over the world, since VALLALAR attained His Ultimate Sithi of Divine-Invisibility-Oneness on 30.01.1874.

We also know many tried to film VALLALAR, when VALLALAR was physically seen with His pure physical body before 30.01.1874. But, all those photographers failed utterly. Nobody was successful in making the true photographic picture of VALLALAR.

To tell the truth here, I have also never accepted or done Vallalar’s Idol Worship in any form so far. Honestly speaking, by His Grace, nowadays, I am also able to see VALLALAR very clearly, but NOT with my physical naked eyes. My seeing is purely based on my own inner spiritual, and inmost soul experiences only, or in short, with my own inward light only.

But, many say that they have seen VALLALAR very close to them with their naked physical eyes. And, they all say that Vallalar has been seen with His radiant physical body, and Magnetic Gracious Eyes in various places in Tamilnadu, in different states in India, and even in Russia, Europe, the USA, etc. They all say that He looked like the same way as seen in the pictures, a fully covered cloth all over His body, a shining face with gracious radiant eyes! The very big wonder is that people who don’t know Tamil have also recently witnessed like this. This is nothing but His Divine Miracle only.

Well. But, my experiences are entirely different from them. I have never ever seen VALLALAR as they all have been saying. And therefore, I cannot rudely deny them or say that they are nothing, but liars based on my own little experiences or understanding. I may not be fortunate enough to see Him as they all have seen Him. In fact, I also want to see Him as other have seen.

According to VALLALAR’s Teaching through His living, He has His own Immortal Trio-Divine-Bodies (Sutha, Pranava and Gnana Theyhas). So, how can we say that others, who have seen VALLALAR in His physical form are liars?

So, a made-up picture can be used to show how VALLALAR was seen or looked like before 30.01.1874. That is what my stand on His invented pictures.

I know many artists, even today, who can draw a person’s picture better than a real photo. We don’t have to sit in front of them for hours together to get our hand drawn picture. Just one minute is enough for them to see our face! That is all. Then, we can go wherever we want, and come back after sometimes to get our true picture drawn by those talented artists. I have seen two such talented Artists with an extraordinary artistic skill, one in Kamuthi, and the other one in Pune, India.

I do use VALLALAR’s imaginary picture, just to show others, who want to know how He looked like before 30.01.1874. That is all. But, NOT for Worshiping it!

I do see VALLALAR very clearly than in any other pictures drawn or seen so far. To tell the truth, I don’t require any of His picture for any reason.

We know a fake currency also exactly looks like a really one. But, an experienced person knows how to distinguish a fake currency from the real one.

I need Vallalar for His Divine Guidance or Oneness with me in whatever I do. That is It.
Let all living beings live blissfully!

Thank you, and have a joyful day!

Happy New Year - 2018!

With Compassion, and Care for all Creations,
Anban Durai Sathanan
Sathyamangalam.  Ramanatham Sathyanarayanan  Sathyanarayanan.  S.R
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