Thiruarutpa Deiva Isai Amutham Project
Appeal for Donations & Report Piracy

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Dear Brothers and Sisters of Universal Love and Compassion,
Thank you for visiting This website was started in 1998 to share the gospel of Vallalar across the world. Thus far the website has been accessed by people from more than 120 countries and it will continue to serve its purpose of sharing the message to more people. At the same time, VallalarOrg Foundation was also involved in the production and distribution of Thiruarutpa in the form of audio CDs.
Since 1990s, G.A. Murugan, Prabakar Raj, G. Athmanathan, Subburaman, Director K.R. – India, A.Sivakumar - Singapore, S.Subramaniam and V.Pannir Selvam – Malaysia produced selected chapters from Thiruarutpa. However none had sufficient resources to convert the entire Thiruarutpa into audio.
In order to address this gap, in 2004, VallalarOrg Foundation officially launched our Thiruarutpa Deiva Isai Amutham project. Under the guidance of Thiruvannamalai Siddhar Sri Dharmalinga Swamigal, 3.3million rupees had been spent to convert the following sections from Thiruarutpa:
1) Thiruarutpa Keerthinai Hymns – 2004
2) Thiruarutpa 5th Thirumurai Hymns – 2005
3) Thiruarutpa 1st Thirumurai Hymns – 2006
4) Thiruarutpa 2nd Thirumurai Hymns – 2007 – 2008
5) Thiruarupta 3rd & 4th Thirumurai - 2009
We are very much grateful to all those people who had donated generously to the audio project.
At present, we are in need of approximately 2.6 million rupees more to complete the entire Thiruarutpa audio recording. Hence we had decided to produce CDs of the completed Thiruarutpa hymns to raise funds for the project. Now, the cost to produce 1 CD is approximately USD3,500 (1.5 Lakh Rupees). To generate this amount, we need to sell at least 20,000 original CDs.
However, we are facing difficulty in generating funds to keep the project going because many individuals and societies had duplicated the CDs and sold them for their personal gains. None so far contributed to the project from the sales. It was also due to this piracy that GA. Murugan, Prabakar Raj, G. Athmanathan, Subburaman and many others who had produced Thiruarutpa hymns previously were not able to continue generating money to fund for their projects. Hence they had stopped producing Thiruarutpa hymns. This is a great loss to all spiritual seekers.
We earnestly request you to kindly inform us if you know of any person or society who had duplicated the CDs for commercial purposes. We have NOT given rights to any society or individual to duplicate our CDs for commercial purposes.
In order to share the message of Vallalar to as many people as we can, we appeal for your generous donation to complete the Thiruarutpa audio project. We also strongly encourage you to purchase the original CDs from us. Meanwhile we are looking for people in any country who are willing to distribute the CDs to spread the teachings of Vallalar. We thank you for your support and may you find joy and peace in the Thiruarutpa hymns.
A CD will be produced per USD1,200 (Rs.50,000) donation under the name of donor or any name the donor wishes. As this is a once in a life time opportunity we welcome you on board to join our mission and receive the blessings of the divine.
Trustees of VallalarOrg Foundation
V.A.Sivakumar, Singapore, 65-98440090
Senthil Maruthaiappan, U.S.A. 1-856-3210980
Ramanujam, India 91- 97898 72120 or 9003611355
Dear Sivakumar
Many thanks for your efforts to start Deiva Isai Amutham Project. I usually purchase duplicated CD's in Vadalur. The person who duplicates and sells there is Mohan and his number is 91-9842395539. He duplicates all Vallalar CD's produced by various persons including your foundation CD's and distributes to all the shops in Vadalur. The quality of his CD's are very bad. It would be good if you could distribute original CD's in Vadalur. Many people have bought these pirated inferior quality CD's and lost money as some of these CD's does not even play. I support your vision and mission to record entire Thiruarupta and make it available on the internet.
May the divine guide you in completing your mission and looking forward to the day to see entire Thiruarutpa in audio at
Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 06:56 am by arutprakasam
Dear Sivakumar ,
I have seen lot of pirated CD's in the music shops, in and around Vadalur as Mr. Arutprakasam said.
And also there were lot of cd's are circulating in and around. so my best suggestion is we have to make the Audio Cd is not to be recorded or writed or copied to another cd. there is an Option for that once the cd is recorded it should not be allowed to reproduce any contents from that cd.
Then only we can avoid this pirated cd in the Market otherwise this will happen repeatedly. because when we are going to Vadalur we can See there were lot of Cd's were sold out because of this, they are making money but we are spending more money for making this cd but in a minutes of time they are making money with this.
We have to wait and see the feedback for the CD's which you sent and we are planning to sell it out in Villupuram Meeting.
S.Sathesh Kumar, Space Team Member.
Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 23:50 pm by spacemgr
Sivakumar Arumugam
An unanimous email was received that 3 more persons are actively pirating the songs produced by VallalarOrg Foundation. They are
1. Guru Packrisamy of Vadalur
2. Asokan of Vadalur
3. Thiru Babu Sadhu Group of Thiruvannamalai.
Out of the 3 persons I have no contact details of first two persons. Please send me the contact numbers if anyone has it.
However Thiru Babu Sadhu group of Thiruvannamalai pirated and sold the CD's produced by VallalarOrg Foundation under their name. Moving forward they will not sell pirated CD's of the songs produced by us instead they will resell the original CD's produced by us and use that funds to spread Sanmargam.
We urge all Sanmargi's to support all Thiruarupta Hymns producers by purchasing original CD's so that many more people will come forward to produce more CD's which is good for all of us.
Project Manager, Thiruarupta Deiva Isai Amutham
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 at 08:21 am by Sivakumar Arumugam
Ramanujam jam
The phone Number and Cell Number of Thiru Guru Pakkirisamy as mentioned in the monthly magazine
"Arut sudar" published by him is
Ph: 04142-259873.
Cell Nu. 94428-12844.
Postal Address as mentioned in the Book Arut Sudar is :
Th Guru Packiriswamy,
Post Box No.20, Vadalur Pin 607 303.
Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu State.
Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 10:06 am by Ramanujam jam